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Farmer John

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Just a quick portrait today 🙂


Brain Melt

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I’ve had a massive headache today so couldn’t continue with yesterdays WIP, but did a rough sketch instead:

Lobster Phone

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[Self absorbed gushing art rant below, skip if necessary to see the pretty picture 😀 ]

Surrealism, from the French surréalisme : sur-, beyond + réalisme, realism

I’ve been watching about Salvador Dali on Modern Masters on iplayer recently and felt completely re-inspired about surrealism again. Surrealism is an interesting and enthralling concept, though Dali wasn’t the pioneer, and at times was a complete black sheep of the surrealist art movement (for his clownish acts and mass marketing approach), his work was extremely relevant.

Though his most well know piece was that of some melting clocks, I found some of his later works in jewellery (he tried his hand at everything for painting, to sculpture, to jewellery etc) extremely compelling. Namely, ‘The Royal Heart’; a golden heart, with a more realistic heart contained inside made of rubies, that would actually mechanically beat, mimicking that of a real human heart. Haunting and beautiful! Sorry for the terrible video, its the best I could do!

I love Dali, he not only created the surreal, he lived as a true surrealist, go watch! Go on! >

Anyway, now I’ve had my little art rant, my daily scratch is something of the surreal, though its a WIP this time, I’d like to put some more work into it:

If you know anything about Dali you will definitely notice some familiar trends, brownie points for anyone who can tell me them all. 🙂 And yes, I’m attempting a background! 😮

Daily skratch

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As a torment driven artist whose work is never good enough with the constant aspiration to better ones self, 😀 I’ve decided to partake in ‘Chamba’s’: ‘Daily Skratch’

Its a common idea/tool used by most artists in which they either do a sketch or something developed further daily, keeping the creative juices flowing and hopefully slowly refining their skills..

As a sucky digital painter, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and start trying to digital paint again.

So here we are at day one:

Time taken: An hour or so

References: None

Criticisms: I started with a bad initial sketch which effect the overall result of the image.

Positives: Managing to paint a nose!

The vampires assistant

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I’m back from home and in Middlesbrough again.. 

Home was pretty eventful actually, got a chance to go to a book reading and signing for the first time by one of my favourite children authors and learned a few things about him (like his actual name being Darren O’Shaughnessy, writing under then pen name Darren Shan). I managed to take an hour out from working in the kitchens with my mum. I kinda lost track of time and got there a little late, but just in time for the end of a reading of his new book and then the reading of one of his book for adult readers, ‘Procession of the Dead’ (which is on my reading list as of now).

For those who aren’t aware of Darren Shan, he is predominantly a childrens fiction horror/adventure/”and everything else inbetween” writer. The Darren Shan saga which I own is about a boy who mistakenly becomes in debt with life-long servitude to a vampire (and not the glittery kind). It becomes so much more than that, but I’m not a fan of spoilers so get reading.. 😛

Got my first Darren Shan book signed (couldn’t find a picture of the edition I own, as the covers have changed several times, should have taken a pic before I left for boro!) He was a really cool guy with a passion for gore, writing and had great sense of humour, a pleasure to meet.

Also, got a pic with him:

Yes he is strangling me, what a legend.. 😀


Another item on the agenda before coming back to boro was finishing my painting, so here it is peoples!:

Done (for now at least)


Some wing detail



I have a million and one criticisms about it, but it’s better than most paintings I’ve done before and it’s an actual finished piece! (which is rare for me I have a terrible habit of starting paintings and getting bored). So that’s a step towards progress at least..

Wings are hard to paint! Not a terrible first attempt I hope. Next time I’ll probably use references, yes, that would be more sensible. 😛

Keeping up with the blogses..

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Its day two! (No this isn’t really going to be an every day thing but i’m trying to get into a habit)

No more progress with the painting as of yesterday, however I had a remotely creative day at Springfields with the family taking pictures with my dads camera of the gardens, here’s a few of the many that I took! :


Particularly bright looking considering it was a fairly dull day 🙂





Loved the winding paths, I have so many of these..



And the Japanese themed garden ^^:




And some more art inspired pics:


Would have been a great image if there wasn't a tree in the way just off camera, wanted to get the whole 'letterbox effect'


Not bad for a free day out 🙂

And before I forget, any budding photographer should take a look at this site:

The 365 project aims to collect photos documenting 1 year of your life. We want to build a picture of the little day to day things that make your life so special and unique. Everyone can take part and join in! All you need is a camera. 

Can’t wait to get my own camera and join! 😀

(Sorry haven’t figured out how to insert links yet so go ahead and copy pasta)

Don’t blink ;)

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Hi everyone, 

I’m Kai, a computer games artist about to enter my final year in BA Computer Games Art at Teesside Uni (or University of Teesside, whatever branding they’ve decided on nowadays)..

I’m not back at uni till September, so I’d like to make a headstart towards my final year, hopefully using this blog as personal motivation.


* * *


So last week I took an obligatory trip into town (I say obligatory, there were good conversation, coffee and shopping involved 😛 )

For anyone who is buying art materials such as paints and canvas’ on a low budget, I recommend dropping into ‘The Works’, as Oldrids and local art shops tend to be quite overpriced! (Obviously if you feel like supporting your local art store then good for you, but I’m a cheap-ass student 😀 ). So I got four A3 canvas’ for £9.99 and some black, white and prussian blue acrylics for (got the blue and black on a two for £5 deal, white is harder to come by, got that for £3.99, still a bargin though).

As an inexperienced painter, I find sticking to a greyscale theme (with a hint of colour in places) the best option. This way I can concentrate on the shading.


* * *


And my painting topic, the lovely heartwarming ‘weeping angels’ from Dr.Who.. 😛

“That which holds the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel”..

Who could resist. For those of you who aren’t aware of the Dr.Who phenomenon the ‘weeping angels’, go ahead and google it (ok so I’m feeling lazy with the links) Or even better, find a video on YouTube!

I started my first painting without any references (such is the hormonal nature of my wireless internet), so hopefully it’ll turn out alright.


The sketch (not a fantastic photo, sorry!):


weeping angel

Don't blink!


And the current WIP:


weeping angel

Missing quite a lot of detail and sporting an amazing hairdo 😛


Terrified yet? 🙂