+10 EXP

So I’ve been doing a few days of research this week, found some amazing resources (most obtained /found at http://www.rsart.co.uk) and have been taking an interest in the best that character meshes can be. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to step up the quality of my character’s meshes before I unrawap them. They will probably still be the first iterations of many throughout the next few months, but the less re-modelling I have to do (rather than tweaking instead), the better.

My task for today was to improve Pavlas hair. I tried to do something that used bulk and planes together to (hopefully) create a better solution for texturing:

When I get to creating the hair planes I will be using Paul Toscas ‘Making of Varga’ hair tutorial as a guide: http://www.paultosca.com/varga_hair.html


2 Responses to “+10 EXP”

  1. u definately need to give more layers for the hair, i guarantee that is not enough, otherwise your character will have really thin hair, also the texture won’t meet up well at the sides, maybe try adding more layers for the side rather than one large bob. Hairs gotta be one of the most difficult areas to tackle. Good luck

    • Right ok! I shall re-work the hair so it is made completely of planes rather than the bob and see if that is better. Probably will try a few different styles anywho cause the current one doesn’t quite match the characters profile.. Thanks! 🙂

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