Warning: Blog is infected!

[WARNING: younger readers or those of a delicate nature may find some of the images below disturbing!]

Uni is well underway, so I’ve been pretty busy!! Had several modules  to work on: Drawing and Composition, Special effects for games, Games development and Final year project..

For FYP I now have a supervisor and my work has undergone some scrutiny, in order to create a more successful specification.

So after much deliberation, I am now working on creating one current gen character for a survival horror game, that degrades over time to become ‘infected’..

I chose Pavla, as I felt she was the most striking character out of the three.  I removed her jacket, as I needed more anatomy to be visible for her transformation. After that I gave her plenty of accessories to make for an interesting silhouette and to match her new profile.

My current weekly task was to visualise some stages in her infection. I decided that the most efficient way to visualise this would be to take my original references and do some photo-manipulation. With the right combination of images and a little painting in PS, here’s a taster of what I’ve been working on:

I will be hoping to achieve the transformation of my model using a mixture of texturing and animation techniques.


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