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The vampires assistant

Posted in Painting, Reading with tags , , , , on May 13, 2010 by kyralhills

I’m back from home and in Middlesbrough again.. 

Home was pretty eventful actually, got a chance to go to a book reading and signing for the first time by one of my favourite children authors and learned a few things about him (like his actual name being Darren O’Shaughnessy, writing under then pen name Darren Shan). I managed to take an hour out from working in the kitchens with my mum. I kinda lost track of time and got there a little late, but just in time for the end of a reading of his new book and then the reading of one of his book for adult readers, ‘Procession of the Dead’ (which is on my reading list as of now).

For those who aren’t aware of Darren Shan, he is predominantly a childrens fiction horror/adventure/”and everything else inbetween” writer. The Darren Shan saga which I own is about a boy who mistakenly becomes in debt with life-long servitude to a vampire (and not the glittery kind). It becomes so much more than that, but I’m not a fan of spoilers so get reading.. 😛

Got my first Darren Shan book signed (couldn’t find a picture of the edition I own, as the covers have changed several times, should have taken a pic before I left for boro!) He was a really cool guy with a passion for gore, writing and had great sense of humour, a pleasure to meet.

Also, got a pic with him:

Yes he is strangling me, what a legend.. 😀


Another item on the agenda before coming back to boro was finishing my painting, so here it is peoples!:

Done (for now at least)


Some wing detail



I have a million and one criticisms about it, but it’s better than most paintings I’ve done before and it’s an actual finished piece! (which is rare for me I have a terrible habit of starting paintings and getting bored). So that’s a step towards progress at least..

Wings are hard to paint! Not a terrible first attempt I hope. Next time I’ll probably use references, yes, that would be more sensible. 😛